An effective sales strategy, marketing strategy or public relations are tools instrumental in ensuring a market success of every company. In need of these are not only big companies or ones with hefty budgets. Quite the contrary – small and medium-sized companies with great aspirations for development need good market strategies even more. If a company’s budget is limited, it is all the more crucial that such strategies are tailored to fit… the company’s ambition, potential and capabilities. Many speak about that, but few know how to build strategies and how to implement them effectively. All the more so if a company is aspiring to operate internationally, in which case every country tends to be an individual challenge.

How to find middle ground between the necessity for an individual approach to particular markets and clients and a development of a coherent brand? Given an as-yet-small budget for marketing activities, how to stand out from competition and make the grade on the (international) market? These questions can be properly answered only when you have personally led companies from their starting point to market success. I am one of such specialists.

You are welcome to my boutique of services – always tailored to fit and geared towards success.