Business CoachSulting Program™

Do you manage a company and are looking for new inspirations?

Are you a manager and want to be the best at it?

Or maybe you are on your way to the role of manager?


Business CoachSulting Program™ is a new strength for managers – those who are at the helm of the company and those who are on their way to this role.

This unique program, which I authored, is based on the best methods and practices taken from professional coaching, mentoring and consulting.

Here I combine theory with practice and methodology with listening to a conversation diagnosing the real “heart of the matter”.
I use all this in proportions that guarantee the best effect and for each person, fully adapted to the individual situation, potential and goals.
I work in programs as a discreet partner whose goal is to accompany you on your way to a better “I” of the manager.

I guarantee full understanding of the complicated, stressful and challenging business reality and, at the same time, the frequent “loneliness at the top” or on the way to it. I know these phenomena perfectly from my own practice and I know how to support them effectively.

I propose 3 inspiring programs:

Business SkyRocket™

for those who plan to become managers

Business StarKeeper™

for those who are already managers and want to strengthen themselves in this role

Business VIP Private™

for Founders and Business Owners, CEOs, Presidents and Management Board Members

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